About The Show

You may have already read the show description which tells you what content the podcast aims to convey, but what you may not know is why the show was created. I created this podcast after doing some reflection on my own life lessons-learned. I knew that there were many points in my life, be it college, or beginning of my career that I wished I had some way of knowing where I should spend my time learning to excel faster. With this in mind, I began to determine what the best way to convey this knowledge was and I landed on the podcast platform. The podcast platform allows me to interview guests who have years of experience in fields I have minimal or zero exposure to. This brings more value to the audience than I could accomplish alone.

Your Host

Wyatt Koenen

Hello, my name is Wyatt Koenen. I began working on this podcast at the beginning of 2021 and released my first episode in May of the same year. I am a self-taught podcast host and I am definitely still always learning. I work full-time in a sales engineering role and I work on this podcast in my free time.